Get a Complete Bird's Eye View of all activities happening . There are widgets placed for Pending Orders / Challans, Bills, Partywise Business, Productwise Business Monthwise Graphical View, Outstanding as on Date and Left Menu for easier Navigation.

 Powerful and Easy Data Entry

Experience the ease and Power of Data Entry. All Data Entry Screens are designed with user in mind. It is well structured and Soft on eyes. At the same time, it is extremely fast and designed with proper work-flow.

InvoiceA4 Half Print

Customized Invoice Format

Enjoy Customized Invoice Formats. Mysoft comes with default A4 Size Printout but you can easily switch to small half page printout or have 2 prints side by side. We even customize the standard formats as per your requirements.

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 Clear Outstandings

Clear view of Party Outstanding Ledger. Can be customized to accommodate bill to bill payments as well. Opening balances transfer automatically year to year and payment entry is extremely easy and fast.



Create Unlimited Parties and Products


Very Powerful Reporting. Get all Data in Registers format with easy to use sort, search , find capability. Many reports come with their own grouping to show data in very