Security Management

Risk Assessment

  • Identify Strategic Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Assess and Analyze Risks and Vulnerabilities
  • Create a Contingency Plan

Physical Security

  • Systems Available
  • Guard Deployment
  • Physical Checks
  • Suspicious Packages

Electronic Security

  • Understanding the Design and Concept
  • Basics of CCTV, DVR, Operations and Camera Control
  • Basics of Access Control System
  • Intrusion System

Fire Safety

  • Knowing the Fire Alarm System
  • Understanding the Fire Alarms
  • Fire Drills & Integrated Tests
  • Fire Extinguishing Techniques

Evacuation Process

  • Security Management Controls
  • Threat and Emergency Response

Dependencies on Other Systems

  • MEP Interfaces
  • Understanding the MEP Designs
  • Need of Security Lighting
  • IT Infrastructure