Facing Cash Flow Problem in your business ? – You must read this

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I have been building this business since last 10 years and was able to sustain the business needs and increasing pressure. But no where I could see the real cash in accounts. All the time , I was receiving good money from the products and services sold and Boom… Money just vanishes in the air. Nothing Left.

We had Good Product , Lot of Market Potential , Existing supportive customer base , Excellent Team , And a very kind hearted Angel Business Partner. But all this does not seem to be working for cash flow. We were in constant cash flow problem . We lived check to check and was always running around to manage the monthly expenses.

We have a simple business model , no bank or any kind of debt…Still we did not see the light at the end of tunnel.

My frustration was increasing and I began searching on Internet about the possible solutions I could have so that I can turn around this situation completely and live the dream life I wanted.

Then I came across this Book

Profit First

On Amazon

I came across this book accidentally. While I was reading the sample chapter , I literally had tears in my eyes. It was such a true thing that I did not manage the cash I had generated properly.

Not only I misbehaved , I was simply wasting away the most important part of my business… ME !

All Business Owners – Small or Big MUST READ THIS BOOK. The link is already at the right side side of this page.

The things that I learned from this book : –

  1. Cash is the most important part of my business and it needs to be protected
  2. We all need to pro active in planning the cash requirements for GST , Income Tax or any other Govt Liabilities
  3. Owners are the most important assets in any business and must be paid first
  4. Your business should generate profit from each payment you receive not at the end of the year
  5. You need to regularly take the profit – Actual Cash not on paper…. ( Book suggests every Quarter )
  6. Debt in any manner is BAD MONSTER – Book also teaches us how to be debt free by generating cash from your own business… No more crying, pleading and running around to friends and relatives
  7. But the Most Important – start living in your limits – Never allow your expenses to cross the income – Simple Mathematics … But so true.

This book is a must buy for all business owners – Existing as well as New Entrants… ENJOY And do send me the comments at the bottom of this post after reading


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