How a Metals Manufacturing Company Uses Job Cards in Mysoft Inventory Software


Mysoft Team was approached by Mathure Metals who manufacture different Alloy based Products like Rings , Rods etc. by Melting different Metals in their manufacturing process.

Metals are melted single or in combination or mixed with leftover from previous Job Cards. Each Job Card represents Semi Finished Molten Metals. Molten metals have a unique Base Metal and Other Bill of Materials.

When a Job card is created , Automatically Bill of Materials appears in Mysoft . No more errors in Batches.

After the Job Card is created , it is edited several times to reflect the changing progress of Job which goes through various Process such as cutting , bending etc.

After the Job is ready to finish , it is then used to output several Finished Goods out form the same Job Card.

The best part is that the same system also tracks the Scrap and Wastage out of each Job.

Ready Job Cards are then used while creating Invoice so that each Invoice is linked to Job Cards and can be referred to in case of Rejections or Customer Complaints.

By Far this was the most challenging Inventory Customization we did and are very happy and satisfied when we see the joy on faces of the people who use it on daily basis now to manage their stock.


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