How A Offshore Platform Foods Contract Services Company Uses Mysoft Inventory Software

Welldone offshore is in the business of ship canteen management and use Mysoft extensively to manage their raw material inventory and food supplies to various ship they service to.

Welldone has a system to record the weekly food offered during breakfast , lunch . dinner and during late night hours to various staff on ships. This is then converted to Requirement Planning for next week for raw material requirements. Various ships consumptions are compared to each other to arrive at optimum next week plan.

This plan is then converted to Purchase Orders to different vendors . The rates of purchase orders are also analyzed with seasonal rate fluctuations .

Mysoft helps welldone to plan the raw material inventory efficiently and reduces the cost of inventory.


The software is also designed to plan their manpower on boarding in and out of ship.

Overall , welldone has increased their teamwork efficiency using Mysoft in the most efficient manner and we enjoyed the whole process of software development with entore Welldone team.

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