How A Hydraulic Hose Manufacturing Company Uses Mysoft Inventory Software

ACS Hydraulics is manufacturing hydraulic hoses. They receive Work Orders on a daily basis from their large customers in E-Mail as MS Excel Attachment. They needed a solution to prepare Production Plan from Pending Orders and available Stock. Mysoft Team developed a solution with following : –

  • Import Daily Excel Orders – No Data Entry needed
  • Create Production Plan based on Pending Orders and Balance Stock
  • Track Planned Vs Actual Production

ACS also has Bill of Materials which is stored in Mysoft and is used to calculate Semi Finish Issue Entries Automatically. Again the process is very simple as Data Entry work is reduced and chances of errors are minimized.

Mysoft Team is now working on Order Plan . It is a Advanced calculation matrix to calculate Requirement of Steel Bars based on Semi Finish Production requirements and Available Stock of RM With vendors.

There is a further complexity to this when RM Goes directly to vendors who are doing processing on it and sending it back.

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