How A Dental Surgeon Uses Mysoft Inventory Software

When Mercurious Team was called to develop a Appointment Diary for a well known dentist in our city, we were very much surprised. Well after all , we were supposed to be experts in Inventory , that too Manufacturing companies or Big Traders. We aren’t for that

But when we sat for discussion and Doctor started explaining the concept of time Inventory, we said Oh Wow we never thought of this. Really speaking , it is very simple . A dentist has limited time slots to work on . Also , he has limited resources in the form of Expert People doing the Procedure as well as Chairs. A Dentist chair is a very special piece of equipment which is very important and hence time needs to planned to use the chair.

We have designed the Appointment Diary for the following  : –

  • Show the blank slots which are available
  • Show the chair wise time inventory booked for a day
  • Show total appointments Morning/ Evening in the footer. This helps the Doctor to plan his day correctly
  • Know the name of Patients who are coming

It was quite a challenge to develop this system in MS Access as it is not suitable for such kind of Use case. Team Mercurious took up this challenge and worked relentlessly to achieve this desired result in record time. We had our moments of challenge but finally , we are able to achieve the result.

In today’s world where everything , all software systems happen to be net based, this is a surprise and refreshing development for us where we created a Service Inventory or Time Inventory or Appointment Inventory system totally in MS Access.  

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